Old School Bluegrass Camp 2021: From Camp Director Jenny Whiteley…

Howdy Campers!
We are so excited to be running Old School Bluegrass Camp from July 4th to the 9th in Elphin this summer, in person and super-safely! Our 2021 OSBC Camp has limited registration available in some instrument classes – email us at oldschoolbluegrasscamp@gmail.com if you’d like to register for this summer. All of the activities will be taking place in the fresh air, including classes, concerts, meals, workshops and jams. I have been working hard over the past couple of weeks to line up all the instructors for you and finalize our roster. As you can appreciate, there have been some changes that have occurred due to scheduling (like, having a booking from three years ago!), pandemic-related life changes (like moving), and life happening (like babies!).

Our Incredible Group of Instructors:
Mandolin – Adrian Gross ~ https://adriangross.tumblr.com/bio
Guitar – Darryl Poulson ~ https://darrylpoulsen.com/
Bluegrass Banjo – Guy Donis ~ https://www.guydonis.com/
Clawhammer Banjo – Chris Coole ~ https://www.chriscoole.com/
Fiddle – John Showman ~ https://www.johnshowman.com/
Bass – Sam Allison ~ https://lotuswight.com/

Additonal Instructors Include:
Chris Quinn – History of Bluegrass Presentation ~ https://chris-quinn.ca/
Kristine Schmitt – Vocal and Performance ~ https://www.kristineschmitt.com/
Allison Brown – Camp Assistant ~ https://allisonbrown.ca/
Luke Mercier – In-House Luthier
Dan Whiteley – Mandolin, Guitar
Joey Wright – Mandolin, Guitar, Chef ~ https://joeywrightmusic.bandcamp.com/
Jenny Whiteley – Camp Director ~ http://www.jennywhiteley.com/news/

Registered campers will be arriving the afternoon of Sunday, July 4th and learning and playing for five music and fun-filled days and will depart after lunch on Friday. Campers will be emailed specific arrival times for camp set up for the afternoon of Sunday, July 4th.

Our facilities include:
– Two beautiful heated, private, outdoor showers
– The Hoity Toity (a nick-name we coined at song-writing camp for the fabulous modern outhouses with running water!)

Jenny and Kristine Celebrate The Grand Opening of the “Hoity-Toity

– Shaded and rain-proof areas for each classroom around the property where you’ll be studying your instruments daily and playing with your band mates. We’ll also provide weather-safe indoor instrument storage for the rare music breaks and overnight.
– The Sunset Mainstage – in the corner of the field is a natural Amphitheatre with a sail roof, sound system and lights where you’ll be performing and enjoying our exclusive nightly instructor concerts.
– The pavilion which is the “hub” of camp. Where to find your drinks, snacks and information any time during camp. This will be where lunch-hour mini concerts, open mics and Karaoke will take place as well as group workshops.

Setting Up At Camp
(Parking Area Just Up The Driveway)

– Dining tables around the property, under the apple tree, in the meadow, near the bonfire, where we will be offering table service (like a restaurant) so there will be no buffet lines. You will enjoy your meal made to your dietary needs, then simply leave everything at the table and our staff will collect it all as you move on to your next activity.
– Soccer field – there is a half-regulation size field here where you can kick the ball around or play Frisbee or practice those backflips! (Chris Quinn, I’m talking to you…)
– Bonfires – there are two spacious bonfire areas where the jams will be held – the slow jam will be at one while other pickers may enjoy the other, allowing for plenty of room for all.

Some notes on Covid protocols:
– We have capped the numbers at camp this year to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety.
– We will be screening all campers as they enter to ensure no one has travelled, is experiencing any symptoms, has been exposed to anyone with Covid as they check-in the first day of camp.
– All campers are required to stay in their own tent unless bubbled with another camper.
– Facilities will be cleaned regularly throughout the day and evening, and there will be wipes, soap and sanitizer available throughout the site.
I am in contact with the local health unit, and will be up to date on all new measures and regulations up to and including the time that we run camp. We plan to follow their directives to the letter.

We are going to be safe, and we are going to have fun!
There will be more information flowing over the next few weeks and months as time for camp approaches. I encourage you all to visit the OSBC website for more details, updates FAQs and new terms and conditions.
AND don’t forget your T-shirts!!!

All my best and warmest wishes to you all,